We Will Grow On You!

Alberta Aquaponics - We Will Grow On You!


The Aquaponic IBC Tote Videos

The IBC tote is a mainstay in aquaponics and is usually the starting point of most people getting into Aquaponics.

Donna and Gord’s 2013 Greenhouse Setup

Donna and Gord started prepping the greenhouse and aquaponics for spring. This is the video journey of the efforts.

Aeroponics Garden

Aeroponics give you all the joy of Aquaponics for those with a confined space. Aeroponics offer fast growth from seedlings and are awesome for kick starting plants for an Aquapopnic system. Nutrients can be added to the unit or you can just migrate in water from a fish tank when doing water changes to feed the plants.

The Fishery

Out of necessity, we created our own little fishery to produce tilapia. We are breeding both white and blue tilapia as a start. These are some of the videos of your fishery and the fish.

Other Related Projects

One of the things I love about Aquaponics is that there are many facets to it. So many new things to learn and add-on as projects to make your garden better and better. These are some of the projects that we have created to improve our garden and we think everyone should at least look at for their own.