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Solar – The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I have been getting a lot of questions about doing solar over the last while, so I thought I should do up an update.

The solar project is coming along, but has been a little more work than I had initially anticipated and has taken a lot longer than I had expected and hoped for.

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We are in the process of getting our final ground wire connected from all our gear on the roof of the garage to the main electrical panel in the house.

We have had a bit of a delay as our latest Master Electrician was off getting married and then we were hit with some rather inclement weather that has put a damper (literally) on things.

With luck we will have our electrical inspection for early next week and be able to put the whole thing live.

The solar project was an install of 5 kW of solar installed on the garage, which sounds simple enough, but there are some pit falls along the way that complicated things in our situation and as a result have taken a lot more time to implement than we expected.

This however is all good. I got to learn a lot in the process and we are getting to the power creating end.

I am going to put out some posts on the solar install over the next few weeks, breaking down the different steps and going over some of the things to think about when doing solar. With luck it will help those interested in getting an array installed and make the path a little easier.

I will start dropping out the posts starting next week in bite size segments.



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