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Solar Burner – replacement of a stove element

I get asked a lot on why I bother with solar cooking when I have a perfectly good working stove in my home, and the answer is usually a lot longer than what people expect to hear.

There are many reasons I like solar cooking that I am sure I will eventually cover, but here is one of the big reasons for me.

During the summer months especially, solar cooking cuts down on the amounts of heat produced inside the house from cooking and thereby saves money.

I am one of those freaks of nature that is always hot, to the point I live in shorts pretty much year round and have a fan running to keep me cool. Bringing up the heat in the house makes me uncomfortable, and by cooking outside I can avoid the issue entirely. 

But there is more to it than that and here is where the cross overs of things we have going on at our house starts happening.

We have 5 Kw of Solar PV on our garage that provides power to our house, the greenhouse and our electric vehicle, so power use is something we are pretty cognitive of and try to keep under control.

Heating and cooling of an average house accounts for around 38% of electrical use and cooking accounts for another 4%. Every time we turn on the oven or stove, we change the heat levels of the house driving up the electrical use.

That big electrical receptacle that connects your stove to the power system pushes a whopping 220 volts at 50 amp allowing attached devices to gobble up the power at a fast rate.

By taking that cooking outside and doing it for free with the sun, we drop the power required for cooking and eliminate the heat issues all together. This has a huge impact on overall electrical bills.  

I guess in short my answer should be Why are you using your stove and spending money when a free version that works just as well is available to you year round?

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