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Alberta Aquaponics - We Will Grow On You!

Rebuild The Greenhouse

Help us rebuild the greenhouse and make it a better educational facility!

The greenhouse took a beating this year with the hail storms we had. It is also having a few other issues that need to be addressed to make it a better year round facility and growing environment.

We have a long list of things we want and need to do to improve the greenhouse:

Replace out the single car garage frame with Pallet Racking for infrastructure.
-The pallet racking will give us a very stable frame that we can build the green house from.
– As the pallet racking is basically shelving, it will allow us to have shelving where we need within the structure that is able to withstand the weight of the growbeds and stand up to years of temperature fluctuations and humidity which our current wood grow tables will not handle.
– The new foot print with the adjustable shelves will increase our growing capacity and allow us to add in more features and educational systems.

Build Super Insulated Panels for the bottom of the greenhouse.
-The insulated panels will increase our ability to keep growing in the winter and make the greenhouse more efficient.

Replace the plastic with polycarbonate.
-Polycarbonate will increase our insulation value and again make the greenhouse more efficient.
– The polycarbonate will also allow us to put in automated windows and roof vents to allow us to have better air flow in the summer time.

In floor Heating.
– The update of the in floor heating connected to the solar concentrators will allow us to get more free heat into the greenhouse increasing the abilities of us growing year round.
– As part of the in floor heating we would like to put sidewalk blocks into the greenhosue as a primary floor to stop the trip hazard issues that we have in there now and to act as a solid mass for more heat store.

– Additional lighting to increase the winter growth.

Put in More Education items.
– DWC bed.
– Wicking bed.
– Worm farm.
– Black Soldier Fly Habitat.
– Starter plant nursery.
– Passive solar heating.
– Rain Water Capture .

Sadly, after putting in the solar project this year, our funds are just not up to the cause. We can afford some of the band-aid fixes to attempt to get it through another year, but for the efforts going in and the results for the other side, we would much rather attempt to resolve the issues all together.

We are attempting to raise $5,000.00 to add to our capital for the project to implement the entire rebuild project.

We are asking you to consider assisting us in making the greenhouse rebuild happen before winter comes by giving us a small donation.

For your donation, we are willing to give back.

If we can achieve the goal of the $5,000.00 before September 30, 2015, We will do the following:

I will do up a bunch of videos and release them to the contributors of $50.00 or more. The videos will be filmed while building and over the course of the winter and will be posted on the website. Contributors will be given a special status on the website that will allow them first access.

Video topics will include:
Building a winterized greenhouse from Pallet Racking.
Building and installing solar concentrators for greenhouse heating.
Passive heating systems for a greenhouse.
Large scale aquaponic design.
How to build and add in an Aquaponic wicking grow bed.
Aquaponic ebb flow grow bed.
Deep Water Culture Grow bed.
Solids Filtration and design.
Combined Aquaponic systems.
Planning and Planting of seasonal Aquaponic systems.
Seed Capture and storage.

For everyone who donates $150.00 or more, I will send them a DVD copy of the videos above.

For everyone who donates $25.00 or more to the Greenhouse Rebuild and who are able to be here, we will host a Greenhouse Tour and Bunny BBQ in the Spring of 2016.


Thank you to the awesome people who are helping in this project:[sddonwall CurrencySign=”$” DecimalSign=”.” ThousandSeparator=”,” DecimalSign=”.” NumberOfDonors=”10″ ]2[/sddonwall]