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Kevin Kultgen

Seasons Over

Lost one fish this morning; found him floating upside down on my second check of the morning (might have missed him on my first check). I assume the water got a smidge too cool for him. Checking the 7 day forecast tells me that today they are all coming inside. The greenhouse will be left for the next few days, to cycle the remainder of the water for the plants to finish cleaning.  Wasn’t a huge haul this year, but now I have plans to get started earlier than June 1st next year.  (More water and a solar popcan heater will help).

My original fall plan was to buy a grow tent for an indoor area that is currently unused, but mammoth can’t seem to tell me if the have an appropriate tent available that I can use. The area is 6′ tall, 7′ wide, and 5′ deep.  Anything that goes bigger that 3’x3′ seems to jump to 6’6″ tall; I did find an larger mammoth tent that stayed 6′ tall (still wasnt 7×5 though), but it was on a british website and no one could tell me if it was available in Canada. Oh well, next fall maybe. (and maybe it’ll be inside with IBC Totes!).

So we’ll pull what we can off the plants before the weekend, and cleanup the greenhouse, moving the fish inside today.


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My first Horticulture/Botany/Ecology lesson

I am an IT guy. I am definitely not a horticulturist, or botanist, or ecologist, or farmer or anything to do with nature, other than enjoy it when I can. So when I noticed that my a few of my plants started have brown leave edges, and it was spreading and some brown spots and some blotchiness on a lot of leaves, I had to go hit the Internet and do some research.  I found that the tomato plant may have had the beginning stage of “Early Blight”, a fungus.  This was causing the leaf edges to brown and after that things get real bad. Short of using a fungicide, cutting the leaves off appears to be the only way to “nip it in the bud”.  I didn’t see anything that resembled my brown spots or my “blotchiness”, but I cut those leaves off as well.

Lesson #1:  Prevention of Fungus’s (Fungi’s?).  Keep leaves off the soil or grow media.  The leaves should be kept dry, well ventilated with sun exposure.  (What did I know?  I liked to splash water all over the leaves when topping up my AP system 🙁  )

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Kevin’s Blog Area

Kevin is yet another person who has worked hard on getting his aquaponic system together and has started doing video updates on his journey.

He needed a place to post up all of his hard work, so he now has an area on the site to show the work he is doing.

Please help me in welcome Kevin to the site and cheering him on in his updates and successes!

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