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Hail Storm And After Math

Last night we got hit with a pretty nasty hail storm. It started around 5:30 with hail that went until 6:30 and continued to pound rain until around 8:00 before calming down for the night.

I snapped a couple of pictures and did some video of the storm.


The hail knocked out our community grow beds and shredded all the plants.
IMG_1867 IMG_1868
The hail managed to strip the leaves off the apple tree with such force that they are actually stuck 6 feet up the side of the house, 10 feet from the apple tree.


Today we still have piles of hail all over the yard.

The greenhouse got hit as well finishing off the cucumbers and peppers that had already been hit by a power outage that starved our plants of water and made them wilt.

The melting hail also brought the temperatures in our tanks down in a dramatic fashion. As a result we lost another 12 fish.

I have yet to get on the garage roof to see the solar panels. It is still too wet for me to go up safely, so I will wait and cross my fingers that they all survived the onslaught.

This will end up definitely being well less than what we get out of our back yard as a norm for a summer.

As bad as all of this is, it could have been a lot worse. The house didn’t flood, we are all still safe and healthy and we can rebuild.


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