Alberta Aquaponics

We Will Grow On You!

Alberta Aquaponics - We Will Grow On You!

Ryan and Kristin Beaudoin’s Garden

My wife(Kristin) and myself have two young children, and were looking for alternatives to the junk that we are subjected to at the grocery stores, and going completely organic is absurdly expensive.
After reading about Monsanto, and GMO’s and the amount of crap our food has sprayed on it, we decided to start two greenhouse/gardens this spring. While I was researching the best way to grow gardens in our climate, I came across aquaponics, and was immediately interested in it.


After spending a fair amount of time researching it I decided to take the plunge and dove right in with a fairly large system I guess.(already planning on adding 2 more tanks and 4 more grow beds but that will probably be next year some time).

Ryan and Kristen 1

4 growbed system



Garage Growbeds

A shot from the other side


Fish tank

Fish tank with 50 Blue Tilapia fingerlings




Anyways the system is a IBC tote system as you can see in the pics, I have 4-48″x42″x12″ grow bed(expanded shale for media), and two tanks equaling roughly 360g of fish tank. I currently have 2 600w HPS grow lights that are going to be hung in the next couple of days, I’m almost certain this wont be enough light but I want to see what kind of growth I get with just the 2 and add accordingly. I just had a sub panel installed in the garage yesterday, so I will have plenty of power for future expansion if I go that route(would love to have it all on solar power, but don’t have the funds to start that project yet hahah). I will be installing a furnace in the next couple of weeks as well.


Anyways that’s about it in a nut shell, if you have any questions or suggestions on what I should do please let me know.