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Alberta Aquaponics - We Will Grow On You!

How about some updates already?

I have been asked a few times about whats happening at Alberta Aquaponics this year, and the answer is simply, we are a little busy.

Our Aquaponics are on hold for the most part, but it is for good reason and it will come back, better than ever.

It served us well for several years, but it is time to move t another version.

It served us well for several years, but it is time to move t another version.

We are in the process of rebuilding the greenhouse in the back yard which has turned into a little larger of a project than we had initially anticipated with having to reorient the in ground fish tanks and then having to repack the old holes to make them solid enough to support the new build. (a lengthy process, but worth it for the safety factor)

Digging out tanks to make them fit in the new build.

Digging out tanks to make them fit in the new build.

Our back yard looks like a bomb went off in it (not something I am proud of).

The back yard is a mess while we go through the rebuild.

The back yard is a mess while we go through the rebuild.

I can assure the world it will get better with the hopes of making a bunch of progress this weekend (weather permitting).

Once it is all done up we should be able to have four times the grow space compared to what we had, a safer environment over all and a more effective winter grow space.

We are not just working in the back however.

Our Front yard has also gone through a bit of a transformation with the taking down of the two large Pine trees that have been out there for over 30 years.

Taking down the pine trees

Taking down the pine trees

Massive change to the look of the house!

Massive change to the look of the house!

We have replaced the two trees with a multi fruit plumb tree on one side of the yard and a multi fruit apple on the other side.

Grafted 3 fruit Plum and grafted 4 fruit Apple trees

Grafted 3 fruit Plum and grafted 4 fruit Apple trees

The next stage for the front is to remove the top couple of inches of grass, weeds and topsoil, top put down cardboard, put down landscape fabric and cover the entire front yard with Rundle rock. From there we will also be adding in another wicking grow bed for the front yard community garden (this may turn into a next spring project based on funds).

As we make progress and find time, I will update the progression and the projects.

Calgary Land Use Bylaws may be new cost for aquaponics.


The City of Calgary is reviewing the planning and development rules for growing, processing, and distributing food.

As a result of this they have put out a new survey asking for input.

A direct topic on this survey is that of aquaponics and applied legislation, permitting and licensing

What this means is that Aquaponics is now facing more legislation at the municipal levels directly with these new amendments. I strongly suggest that if you dont want aquaponics outlawed in Calgary or have another permit implemented for it in the near future, you make your opinions known on the documents.

Here is the link: Calgary Land Use Bylaws Page

Licensing Information

The Alberta Government ESRD has sent out the application for the fish license and the report for this year. As a result, I am now getting a ton of questions being sent to me ranging from “What happened to the recreational license for Tilapia” to “What happened to Koi being on the list” to “Barramundi are now on the list, so does that mean we can have them and where can I get them”?

I have been on the phone most of the morning attempting to track down the information without much success. So far I have been in contact with Janice Wilson, Jeff Presley, Dan Watson and have left a voice mail for Jim Wagner to contact me back.

So far I have been able to confirm that Koi have been taken off the list for a “Class B”, but nobody knows what that actually means or if they have been reclassed.

I have also confirmed that Barramundi are still not available in Alberta and that the Lethbridge holding facility and testing grounds of the ACE are still in an approval process with the ESRD.

I have also gotten confirmation that there is an increase in security issues involving aquaponics that is being implemented this year with the requirement for predation protection for the aquaponic system.

I asked the question of why we need to have protection for aquaponics but people with a stocked back yard pond require no such feature. This was met with “talk to Jim Wagner about that”.

I have hopes that I will be in contact with Jim Wagner before Sunday’s Face to Face Meet Up and will be able to answer some of the questions everyone has then.

Remembering Jesse Hull

The Aquaponic community has been struck a mighty blow today with the word of the passing of Jesse Hull.

Jesse Hull along with his friend Molly Stanek worked very hard on creating aquaponic educational spaces in schools and public areas all over the USA and was an active part of the Aquaponic Association at its pinnacle.


Sadly, I only got to know Jesse via phone calls and the internet and never had the privilege to share that beer together in person we talked about so often. Even without meeting him in person, Jesse was an inspiration, sounding board, voice of reason and role model for me and someone that I will truly miss.

“Be happy, as soon and as often as you can be” – Jesse

Its just around the corner..


Still doing testing of the website and making sure that things are working, so forgive me for the post.

Seriously though, Spring is coming.
Its time to start thinking of the garden you want for this year, start planning and start getting your seeds started.

Website Transplanted.

I am happy to say that we now have the website moved over to the new server.

Although the move has taken place, we still have a lot to fix and resolve out over the next little while.

Some of the link, images and other functions are not all working as of yet with the migration. We are working on these as we find them and attempting to get them resolved out.

If you notice anything that is broken that we may have missed, please let us know so that we can get it resolved.

Thank you for hanging in there with us as we did the move!

Happy New Year!


May your gardens be green and lush,
May your crops be pest free.
May your fish breed a plenty,
May your water be fresh and clean.

May 2016 be the best year you can make it!
Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2016!

Alberta Aquaponics