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We Will Grow On You!

Alberta Aquaponics - We Will Grow On You!

Alberta Aquaponics Sustainable Communities Initiative

I am happy to announce that we are working hard towards a new creative initiative and have created Alberta Aquaponics Community Association.

This Community Association will be our official charitable arm of Alberta Aquaponics where we will give back to the communities and attempt to create long term sustainable solutions.

Our first venture is Alberta Aquaponics Sustainable Communities Initiative with the goal of creating a greenhouse and aquaponic garden for Prince of Peace.

Please come check out our Aviva Community page.

Please help us spread the word, vote for us on the funding page and get involved!

We would like to implement an aquaponic greenhouse and garden on the Prince of Peace Campus.

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment.  Alberta Aquaponics is creating Aquaponics Gardens consisting of a fish tank and grow bed(s), and would like to give Prince of Peace a number of these systems to use for growing produce (vegetables and fruits) and fish (tilapia).

The nomenclature created at the Prince of Peace campus is unique in that it encompasses a community demographic that we would like to reach out to, in short, everyone.

Prince of Peace offers Alberta Aquaponics an amazing opportunity to achieve our goals in proving aquaponic sustainability, education, recreation and rehabilitation by accessing all aspects of the community and utilizing the campus created.  Prince of Peace is a cutting edge campus on the outskirts of northeast Calgary, in the way it deals with multigenerational issues and tie-ins, taking a leading role in how a community can be established.

This multi-denominational community on the outskirts of Calgary in the Rocky View District and is comprised of a Lutheran Church, a School (kindergarten to grade 9), a 55+ Adult Village, an assisted living senior facility (The Manor) and a class 4 dementia facility (the Harbour).  Prince of Peace was established on what was essentially poor quality farmland; through careful planning and execution they have built and maintained a blossoming, growing community.

Community Population:

Rocky View County 36,461 according to Statistics Canada 2011 Census.
Prince of Peace Lutheran School 335 students, 30 staff
Prince of Peace Manor 150 residents
Prince of Peace Harbour 32 residents
Prince of Peace 55+ Adult Village 250 residents
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church approximately 250
Staff for the Harbor and Manor 180

The population of Prince of Peace is expected to increase over the next 10 years and has slated development within campus for an expansion of the 55+ Adult Village, a Harbour expansion of two additional wings and another Manor construction of a new building as well as a light commercial district.  They also hope to have a senior high school added to the grounds.

This greenhouse and aquaponics garden will innovate the entire Prince of Peace community by enabling them to grow high-quality produce that is safe and GMO/GHO/pesticide free for the clients of the facility while giving them educational development, recreational, and therapeutic opportunities with gardening for seniors, dietary necessities for the people within the facilities, cost savings on the food budgets as well as outreach and fellowship prospects.

Once established this will be a long term project that can be sustained by the community for Prince of Peace’s benefit for years to come.