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Alberta Aquaponics - We Will Grow On You!

Always do more research

Upon further research and looking at more pictures, it appears that my “dark spots” may be Early Blight (which are now all gone).  and upon further inspection and picture comparison (and re-reading forums posts, etc), I now think the cucumber plants are sucking all the potassium out of the grow bed as Gord suggested.  Textual descriptions of the early stages of Early Blight described it a lot like potassium deficiency, however looking at more pictures I see the dark spots I had were probably early blight, and the leaf edges going brown is possibly -K.

However, Aquaponics is multi-factored.  My pH is a smidge high at 7.2,  so I’m going to wait for my pH to come down a little more before looking at adding any micronutrients.  In the mean time any leaves showing deficiencies or diseases get trimmed to help the plant focus its energies on growing the fruit.


Illuminating The World With Info..

This video update is a little on the strange side considering what we normally put up, but I had to post this anyway.

Last night we had Shawn and Sharron Cornish come over from Switch Advanced Lighting. They brought with them a couple of the plasma lights that they sell for us to have a look at while we babbled.

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This is a bit of video from the demo of the lights:

Sadly, the video did not pick up on the 1000 Watt powering up and show the plasma kicking it as I had hoped. Trust me, it was pretty darned cool.

I know that there have been a bunch of people interested in plasma lighting, wanting more information and wanting to see the units live and in person. I am going to see if I can get a group together and see if Shawn and Sharron are willing to do another demo of the unit for everyone after the next Face to Face Meet up.

I am sure there will be a ton of questions after this one, but Sharron and Shawn are both on the Facebook Group Page for Alberta Aquaponics, so feel free to hit them with the questions there.

I am also going to see if I can get some prices and product information to add to the website on everything they have to offer.


My first Horticulture/Botany/Ecology lesson

I am an IT guy. I am definitely not a horticulturist, or botanist, or ecologist, or farmer or anything to do with nature, other than enjoy it when I can. So when I noticed that my a few of my plants started have brown leave edges, and it was spreading and some brown spots and some blotchiness on a lot of leaves, I had to go hit the Internet and do some research.  I found that the tomato plant may have had the beginning stage of “Early Blight”, a fungus.  This was causing the leaf edges to brown and after that things get real bad. Short of using a fungicide, cutting the leaves off appears to be the only way to “nip it in the bud”.  I didn’t see anything that resembled my brown spots or my “blotchiness”, but I cut those leaves off as well.

Lesson #1:  Prevention of Fungus’s (Fungi’s?).  Keep leaves off the soil or grow media.  The leaves should be kept dry, well ventilated with sun exposure.  (What did I know?  I liked to splash water all over the leaves when topping up my AP system :(  )


Kevin’s Blog Area

Kevin is yet another person who has worked hard on getting his aquaponic system together and has started doing video updates on his journey.

He needed a place to post up all of his hard work, so he now has an area on the site to show the work he is doing.

Please help me in welcome Kevin to the site and cheering him on in his updates and successes!


Sean’s Blog Area

Sean Morrish has been working hard on building up his aquaponic gardens and attempting to help people around his local area in Rocky Mountain House.

We have decided to give him an area on Alberta Aquaponics to post up his updates and blogs in a new area on the site.

Please help us in welcoming Sean to the site and cheering him on in his updates and successes!



This last week has had some fairly good weather fronts move through our area that have caused us a little bit of issue. Our Tomato plants seem to have just started to wither for no good reason. I m at a loss as to why. The water is all good, the flow rates are fine. The roots are good and still getting the ebb flow that they have had for a while now. But the plants just seem to be falling apart. Of course this is taking place just before the Permaculture Development Course that is having a bunch of folks come over to check out aquaponics tomorrow. Sadly for these folks I am going to have some disturbing plants to look at rather than the lush green ones I had last week and no real answers as to why it is happening. The tomatoes are not dead, they are just not all that healthy. As a result I dont want to pull them and transplant them out with the other plants I have here, but in the same breath if they are going to die off on me, I want to get them swapped out before the season is so late that I cant get the tomatoes off of them that I want for canning. I hate dilemmas like this. In any case, here is the video showing the problem as an update: Sean came to visit us from Rocky Mountain House to check out a truck in Calgary and to go to the Face To Face Meet up over the weekend and brought us a very cool gift that I just cant thank him enough for. The Alberta Aquaponics sign he made up with his dads plasma cutter is absolutely awesome and I am now an addict of trying to find ways of showing it off!

Sign for Alberta Aquaponics

Our New Sign From Sean

(Get ready for a picture gallery of the sign in the near future!) Yes, I even took the sign to the Face to Face Meet Up to show it off. For those of you who missed the Face to Face Meet Up, you missed out on a good one with lots of great conversation and a bunch of information on lighting, in particular Plasma lighting. Sean Corning from Switch was there with his Lovely wife telling us all about the plasma lighting that he is getting set up as an offering for the public. This has a bunch of us very interested in seeing if we can put together a bulk order in the future from him in an attempt to get the prices down for us and move some volume for him. Expect more on this topic of conversation in the future. On the subject of money, I am going to set up a donation button on the side of the website and ask folks to contribute in an attempt to afford the upgrades on the winter project of heating the greenhouse and the solar concentrator build. As a result of our little dog Brandi getting ill and us having to pay for an emergency vet visit and sadly having to put her down, our reserve funds for the projects for this year have been used up. Seeing as we are not marking things up to make a profit at this point, the only other means we have of getting the projects completed this year is to ask you for assistance. If you feel that we have helped you in your aquaponic journey and that what we offer has been of value to you, we ask that you assist us in keeping it going help fund our project for keeping the greenhouse going for the winter. The Solar concentrator build (greenhouse winter heating project) requires: 1 Solar Tracker 1 inline 12 volt DC pump Assorted Plumbing Parts 1 Battery 1 Battery Box Assorted mounting gear I am assuming that the cost on all of this is going to come close to $1000.00 for the complete build. (see the forums for more details on the items etc.) I have a bunch of the other items already here, including the satellite dishes, the support pole, the heating focal blocks and the barrels for the water store, etc.. (I may also be looking for some help in getting the pole in place when it comes time for getting it installed.) I have hopes of getting the hole dug for the pole next weekend. I will have more updates after the Verge Permaculture PDC Tour this week and with luck maybe even a video of some of the folks going through our madness int eh back yard.


Fast Update

Over the past while I have been working on prepping for Rob Avis’ Verge Permaculture Development Course. This has kept me kind of head down and working hard although I am happy to say that I have been able to help a few people get their aquaponic systems up and going as well as complete a couple of projects around the house.

Here is the update for this week:

I will catch things up more after the weekend.



To Everything There Is A Season

Another wet week combined with family issues have left us a little behind in what we wanted to get accomplished this week, but things are starting to get caught up none the less.

We said goodbye to a true farmer, Roy Poffenroth. In his years on the earth, I truly believe he gave more than he received, and I thank him for the time he shared with me and kindness he gave to everyone in our family. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

With death and remembrance, there is also life and hope for the future.

We had one of our mommy bunnies give birth to 8 new babies this week and we had the opportunity to be there while she was giving birth. I am happy to say that mommy is doing well and so are all of the babies.

In spite of the wet, wind and issues, we managed to clean up some of the growbeds in the greenhouse. I also managed to complete the drag bar in the composter.

Here is the video update of the weeks progression.

I still have a lot to do this weekend with the Aquaponics Course on Saturday and then the rest of the weekend to complete the wicking growbed and getting it planted.

I also want to get a bunch more seedlings started and in play to populate the wicking beds and the aquaponic beds in the house this weekend.

I have hopes that I can start digging the hole I need to put in the pole for the solar concentrator and start on its progression prior to fall setting in and needing to rush the project.

I also need to clean up the entire yard and garage prior to the PDC Tour being put on by Verge Permaculture.

Needless to say I have a lot to do in a short amount of time. We will see how it all plays out as the weekend progresses.


Composting A Weekend With A Face To Face Meetup.

Another weekend has passed us by but we again made progress on a couple of the projects we wanted to get completed.

To start with we have created a flow through vermacomposter (worm farm) that we have up and running now. The video is of the build. Although not highly detailed, it will at least give people an idea on what we did to create our setup if they want to copy it.

Although we have only had it set up for a short time, I can already tell you that I am loving this unit! I cant wait to see it producing tonnes of worms and compost in the years to come!

We also started working on yet another wicking bed for the front yard. This bed we did not get completed up as we hoped, but it is coming together and we should have it up and planted shortly. I have hopes of getting it done up this week if the weather allows me.

The hope for this one is to have it for sunchokes and mosquito repelling flowers among other things.

I cant wait to see the yard when everything is ready to harvest!

The other wicking beds are all showing signs of plant life popping up. Donna even tells me that she has some spinach coming up, but I know she transplanted something else in the bed to sprout seeing as she cant grow spinach.

The greenhouse is going crazy with cucumbers and spaghetti squash but the bell peppers and tomatoes will not be far behind with the number of flowers and buds coming out on them.

We are still in the process of cleaning up two of the growbeds and getting them set up better with non-central return drains. I have hopes that we will get this completed up next weekend with dome dedicated time.

We again had some lengthy travelers come to the meet up with Barney and Family coming from Edmonton to get fish and Sean coming from Rocky Mountain House that came to the Face to Face meeting. We had several folks from the Face to Face come over to check things out after the meeting was over.

Over all it was a great event and awesome conversation.

It seems there still needs to be some dialogue and over the Aquaponic Society and how that will/will not be established. We will see how that all lays out in the weeks to come.

For now, here is the Video Update:

Reminder that the Aquaponic Course with Build Component is in two weeks. This is your last chance to sign up and get in on the life changing course!

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